Every year there are many companies from the West that try to expand their businesses in Japan and fail their attempt in localizing their businesses.

We, as JOX want to help your knowledge and your plans to become an acceptable business model that will work in Japan, it is our job to give you consultant and advise you. (The consultant fee can include market research fee)

Service and its flow

1) As a client, you will be required to let us know your budget, employment scale, and economical goals. We would love to hear you through skype, phone, or e-mails of exactly how you want to run your business in Japan. 
(If there are private information regarding your company has been mentioned in a discussion we will keep them private following the NDA “Non-disclosure agreement").


2) We will hand in a report of the amount of time and finance needed for your research or projects.
(If you are dealing with us for the first time, we would need a deposit of 50% of the amount and rest will be charged when the research is finished).


3) We will officially approve your request once we confirm your payment  and analyze the information needed. As stated, we will get all the statistics from reliable sources such as government. We then base our research with consulting farm agency to get the data for market analysis, as well as surveying out in streets if needed.
For example, we might help to find age target of fashions or cosmetics by organizing high schoolers and college students discussion events (where we show the products and let them have conversations about it).


4) With having the information we have gathered, Your business and how it will expand will depend on SWOT, The analysis Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat is essential in making your business successful. If you want to build/ rent an office, we will give estimates on your finance. To make your business function, we will once again, also provide estimates on how much it costs to build the office, rent or average cost of the property’s price. 


5) As stated, we will make needed strategy to give you an advantage in Japanese market.
As well as being actively discussing with a client how to grasp the situations in Japan and giving flexibly changing your strategy to better fit, if needed.
We also support making ads and dealing with committee of judicial affairs, so don't hesitate and we will make sure to take care of it.


Basic pricing.


An routinely advisory Contract

(minimal of 3 months)



A singular contract

(contract less than 3 months)




Areas for research

599 USD/1 Area

Additional of 2 days

Additional places for research.

Street surveys

1000 USD/ 100 people

Additional of 10 days

Will do the surveys on specified areas.

Analysis of Competitors

899 USD/ competition

Additional of 7 days

Will analyze their sales, number of customers and their financial status.

Analysis of areas out of Kanto region

300~ USD/ Project

Addition of 3 days

If not Tokyo,Kanagawa, or Saitama, we might charge additional fee of our transit specific area.


300 USD

Subtraction of 3 days

An option if you are in rush and need quick information. The time of research.


*A routinely advisory Contract needs to be at least over 3 months of contract, if you will like to give request of cancelling the contract there will be cancellation fee of contract.

*One Time contract: is available for conracts less than 3 month, if the project or consulting may take more than 3 months, there would be need to change the contract.

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