Market research

$1500.00~Per case
  • To research an information needed to expand your business in Japan.
  • To create a report of our results concerning the research.
  • To View and report Market changes over the time related to your business.
  • To Deliver a report to a client 1 or 2 weeks after request.

Consulting Services

$2000.00~Per month
  • To research informations needed to expand your business in Japan.
  • To provie a rescent and most new informations used to make a business plan for your company.
  • To assist and support necessities, arrangements and preparations to expand your business.

Advertising campaign

$1500.00~Per case
  • To use social media strategies with adosence with Facebook(Japan), mixi, glee, Ameba.
  • Designing advertisements for news paper, magazines, and others.
  • Advertisement video for youtube, Commericlas for television, and radio stations.
  • To create localized advertisement video for youtube, Television Commericals, and Radio stations' advertisments.

WEB / APP / GAME Localization

$699.00~Per project
  • Website, App, and game localization.
  • Translation written by Professional Japanese writers.
  • Advices for use of fonts and designs commonly acceptable in Japanese standards.
  • Advices for making your GUI and menus to be acceptable in Japanese standards.