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Over the years, many foreign companies have shown interest in the Japanese market. The Japanese are known for their love of foreign culture and goods, and new trends of overseas often spread across the country like a wildfire, showcasing Japan as a great market potent country for foreign investment.

However many foreign companies moving into Japan have not had long term, stable success. Burger King has its history of problems in 2001 , and yet was forced to withdraw their partnership with JT(Japan Tobacco Institutde from the Japanese market . American Apparel expanded smoothly into most Asian markets, but were not successful in Japan.

Overseas, especially the western companies wanting to expand in Japan, the source of failure is usually the "localization is insufficient".

Population of 130 million, World's 3rd GDP, medical insurance that can join all the people and education system that is thought out throughly, best in development of transportation such as train, bus, and subway and being able to receive a luggage sent from Tokyo at 5:00 pm, country where transportation network has been developed. Every infrastructure is systemized, a country where everything moves on time.

Country that can expand your business without worrying about the risk in variety of way in the eyes of management, that is Japan.

If the companies outside Japan wanting to do business in Japan there are always the three barriers that gets in our way, language, cultural barriers, and it's laws. For each of these "barriers" we will provide the appropriate knowledge and strategy.

4 Ways Towards Success


Market Research

We provide a valuable information essential for helping to expand your business in Japan.
For example, if you want to expand your store in Japan, you will have a vision as if you were actually there.
We provide information of the surrounding areas, such as population, age, social structure, competitors, possibilities of threats, opportunities, financial risks.

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Consulting Services

Japan is well known as one of the developed country next to America and Britain, however after a World war 2, they have developed their unique culture and the way they teach their people.
We can clearly state that their unique culture hasn't been effected much by other countries and developed their own culture, which makes the Japanese people's national mentality very different and unique.
Many Western companies have failed to expand their business in Japan, due to the fact that most have failed to adapt and localize their business strategy, these results in them retreating their business from Japan in few years.
We would love to support you with our knowledge and plans. We want to help you adapt your business plans so that your business models will be adaptable to Japanese market, and give you exactly what you need. (The costs of consulting also have market research fees).

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Advertising campaign

Japan has been one of the highly developed countries, however unlike America and other places, Japan isn't mentioned much in media, as a result we can say Japan is an "undeveloped country in terms of media".
Japan also has limited number of television channels and newspaper holdings are owned by few big businesses. Also we could say Japanese national mentality has it that they are easily effected by mass medias such as ads and commercials.
If you have resources you might be able to use ads and commercials of televisions, but we recommend social media's adsence or ads in the world wide web.
We provide variety of services concerning ads and printing papers with low cost.

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WEB / Game / APP Localization

How do your business localize your words into Japanese?
If you are serious about wanting to have more appreciation and trust from the Japanese customers, we don't recommend using plugins or translation softwares.
Compared to other languages, Japanese language is very precise and detail oriented. Small difference in how words are written might cause people to think it's weird, weak or awkward.
The Japanese people might feel awkward if things like above happens and might become avoidant and end up not using your service.
Our translators and professional writers will provide appropriate, neat, and clean cut ways to tell our customers what exactly you want them to hear and see in Japanese.

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Skills :

Market reserch
WEB / Game / APP Localization