Our Promises

1) With everything, we first think about our clients' profit and avoidance of their risks.
Even if there are ideas that maybe valuable to us, we will not give advices, which are too risky.

2) We promise to protect the privacy of our clients.
Every little information of our client, we believe is their treasure and wealth. Your company's information will be heavily managed, even after the service we will keep the confidentiality promise and will discard all the secret informations and it's trace. Also we will never share your requests with other clients.
This is why we will never show the name of your company to other clients.
All our agents are bound by confidentiality and NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Our Promises.

We are very happy and pleased to see people having an interest in our service and viewing our website.
It is very difficult to earn a trust of ones where we can't see the other person's face.
However, we strongly believe that you might find some worth in our services and hopefully be able to trust us.

When I was 18, I started a business to distribute and promote web, music, and video contents.
On the18th of November in 2004, Nikkei newspaper spoke about how iTunes music store would start their operation in Japan, I rushed to prepare for it.
Japan that time, compared to America, their Internet was not a major thing, at least when it came to streaming a music on sale, it wasn't something that was thought out.

This is why I started my aggregation of Japanese music artists in iTunes music store. For the sake of business collaboration agreement, I have made contacts with CD baby Tune Core. Meanwhile, when I was making negotiations with Japanese developers, I came to know that both parties had interest in each other's economy.

Learning a Market Research and statistics, I have had many opportunities to talk with business owners of not just a music, but also companies that dealt with food, medical supplies, machinery. However, although they may had interest in expanding their business in other countries, with barriers of language and culture, there was nothing they could do about it.

Nonetheless, as you all know, international market research and consulting service's cost may not be cheap at all.

Big businesses who have wealth might be able to get reliable information, but for small to middle-class business they have difficult time getting such information.

Unlike others, I knew variety of ways to get those types of information without much cost. For example, populace, interest by age, kind of businesses in an area, and how much the products of companies sell, they are all available to public by several parties.
By comparing, contrasting and combining these, we can figure out data of exactly what sells and what is acceptable in the area, thus being able to figure out the hotspot.

Unlike getting 10s and 1000s of employees, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to work with co-workers that has degrees and skills in MBA all across Japan. By working with such people who may have degrees and skill such as accountant, and professional writers, now we can give a high quality research services at such a small fee.