We provide a valuable information essential for helping to expand your business in Japan.

For example, if you want to expand your store in Japan, you will have a vision as if you were actually there.
We provide information of the surrounding areas such as, population, age, social structure, competitors, possibilities of threats, opportunities, and financial risks. We do give analysis based on governmental documents as well as take surveys reports out in streets, if needed.

Services and It's flow.

1) Clients should specify exactly in what scale and how do they want to run business in Japan. 
We will need information of your budget, recruitment plans, economical goals.
We would be willing and love to hear and discuss via e-mails and skype.
(If you happen to give out private information, we will keep it private and secure according to NDA "Non-disclosure agreement").  


2) We will do our research and will give out reports of estimates and quotes on finances needed to our clients.
(If it's your first time dealing with us, we would need a 50% of estimated quote as our retainer fee and will charge the rest when the research is finished.)

3) We will officially approve your request and analyze the information needed. 
As stated, we will get all the statistics from reliable sources such as government. 
We then base our research with consulting farm agency to get the data for market analysis, as well as surveying out in streets if needed.
For example, we might help to find age target of fashions or cosmetics by organizing high schoolers and college students discussion events (where we show the products and let them have conversations about it).

4) Information is based on analysis, your business and how it will expand will depend on SWOT, The analysis of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat is essential in making your business successful. 
If you want to build/rent an office, we will give estimates on your finance. 
To make your business function, we will once again, also provide estimates on how much it costs to build the office, rent or average cost of the property's price.

Basic Price

1500USD10 business days 



Areas for research

699 USD/1 Area

Additional of 2 days

Additional places for research.

Street surveys

1000 USD/ 100 people

Additional of 10 days

Will do the surveys on specified areas.

Analysis of Competitors

899 USD/ competition

Additional of 7 days

Will analyze their sales, number of customers and their financial status.

Analysis of areas out of Kanto region

300~ USD/ Project

Addition of 3 days

If not Tokyo,Kanagawa, or Saitama, we might charge additional fee of our transit specific area.


300 USD

Subtraction of 3 days

An option if you are in rush and need quick information. The time of research.

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