Localization of games, application, and websites

The localization is one of the basic and most important things in business as for companies to localize their products and services, adaptation is inevitable when expanding their business outside of their home country.

According to statistics at least 56% of consumers say that it is very important to have the information available in their language than the price itself.

Even if there aren't consumers, over 60% of multi-national enterprises of the past states successful localization leads to higher company revenues.

Localization is the most important factor in Japan, especially when it comes to information related things like games, applications and websites.

Japanese people has been known by people to be open when it comes to accepting foreign products, however they can also be very critical and tend to avoid products that might have slight mistake in how expressions of products sound foreign or unfitting. Japanese people who begin to be cautious of such products may end up not using it.

Japanese language is very precise and very expressionate and difficult language that may have expressions that may not exist in other languages such as English.

Designs of the websites are also very important in terms of scoring a success in businesses in Japan, just like with the websites that has wrong expressions that may be awkward or unfitting, many Japanese people might have different tastes when it comes to websites. Japanese people seem to like elegance and clean-cut design of websites, there are many variations of how this can cause difficulties in foreign business, but we JOX Japan is here to help you overcome such difficulties by our professional analysts and conducting researches provided in other parts of our site.



Web Page Translation150USD/1 Page( less than 400 words)3〜7 days*2 page or more is required to place an order.
With translators and professional Japanese writer will translate the webpages specified.
Web Page Localization1500USD〜/Site5〜14 days*We will localize your webpage.
We won't just give translations but can create Japanese fonts, buttons and more. We will complete your page fit Japanese standards.
APP Localization300USD〜/APP3〜7 days*We will translate your menu, buttons, texts for your events.
Help page for your Appstore and android market and it's information texts can also be translated if needed.
App Promotion1000USD〜/Project14〜30 days*Your Application can be promoted using Japanese magazines, newspaper or blogs. In our company we do have contracts with bloggers who get more than 300 thousand views.
Game Localization1500USD〜/Case7〜30 days

* We can translate your game menu, information and event texts.The translation is unlike the automated translations, it would be a Japanese that is fitting in today's standards without giving a Japanese people the awkwardness these programs give.
We are pleased to discuss how your game environment could match the textx, for example we might use old Japanese textx that matches the time frame of the game.

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